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 Spiritual Records Studios is an independent recording, production and writing room based in Camden Town, located inside of Spiritual Bar. The studio was created in 2021 to provide an affordable space for local songwriters, musicians and bands to hone their craft and record their music in a small and relaxed environment, whilst still providing a professional experience. The studio is fully soundproofed and has a vast amount of industry standard microphones and equipment. Downstairs inside of the venue can also be used as an ambient live room and full band live recording. Our In house producer is an experienced multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter who has experience in a number of different genres and styles.


4x Shure SM57 

2x Shure SM58 

1X AKG D12 VR 

2x Beyerdynamic M130 

2x AKG C414 

3x Sennheiser MD421 

2x Shure SM7B 

1x Lauten Audio LA-320 

2x Neumann KM-184 

1x Neumann U87 AI 

2x Rode NT2 

1x SM57 Beta 

Telefunken TF47


Avid Pro Tools 

Logic Pro X 

Fabfilter Pro Bundle 

Celemony Melodyne 

Slate Everything Bundle 

Arturia V Collection 9

G Force Minimonsta

Spectrasonics Keyscape


1x USA Fender Telecaster 

1x MIJ Fender Stratocaster 

1x Takamine EF340SC 

1x MM Fender Player Series Precision Bass

1x Recording King RD-126 

1x Dreadbox Nymphes 6 Voice Analog Synthesizer

1x Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer

Allison Upright Piano

Gibson SG Faded 


 Spiritual Studios runs between 10am-6pm 7 days a week. All recording/writing sessions vary, so to get more of an idea of what you want, send an email to Jack who will be able to give you an estimated quote. Any form of demo recording is also helpful.


The guide prices for a session in the studio are listed below in the downloadable document. At the end of each session you will receive a rough mix of your track.


1x RME Fireface 802 

1X RME Octamic XTC 8 Channel Preamp 

2x SSL 611EQ E-Series 

8x AMS Neve 1073LB Mic Preamp

Emperical Labs Fatso EL7X

Arturia Keylab Essential 49

M Audio Hammer 88

2x Adam AX7 Studio Monitors

4x Audio Technica ANTH-M50x


Fender Princeton Reverb Amp

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40

Blackstar Artisan 30 Amp

Marshall DSL5 Valve Amp

GK 200MB Bass Amp

Download full

document here


Interested in Recording?

 Get in touch to learn more.

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