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You can now get premier access to the current performing artists from Spiritual Bar by booking directly through us! Book for any festivals, events, bar bookings and more! All music is 100% original work. Bookings available for solo artists or full band.


Below are our artists currently involved in the Spiritual Records Bookings. Scroll through to find their information, click to enlarge images for full descriptions and music links. 

Fill out the form below for bookings, pricing and more information!

Listen to the artists here

Interested in booking an artist?

Please fill out the form below to submit a booking request for your next event! All our artists are professional and original, and look forward to making your event even more special. 

After booking requests are made, you will be contacted for planing and payment information. Prices may vary depending on party size, party type and solo vs. full band performances.

Thank you for choosing Spiritual Records! 

Again, please only use this form to book artist currently performing at Spiritual Bar, this for Is NOT intended to be used to book new acts at Spiritual Bar. 

Thanks for your booking request!

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