Welcome to Spiritual Records, Camden's finest Independent Record Label. We release a selection of Artists that regularly perform at our live music venue Spiritual Bar. 

Early Beginnings


Back in the Summer of 2011 we officially took over Spiritual. Our ambition was to turn it into a dedicated music venue. 

Once the musicians in Camden Town were aware of this they started knocking on the door asking us to perform. Names such as George Frakes, Tarq Bowen, Dana Imannauel and Archie Sylvester were some of the first to play.


Over the years we are proud to have supported the likes of Jack Broadbent, Jade Bird and Kevin Davy White all of whom have performed at the bar regularly. 



The Label


By 2015 the amount of talent passing through the bar was astonishing so it felt like a natural progression to set up a record label. Spiritual Records was born in September 2015.


Our current roster includes Jay Fraser, Grim Fawkner, J.B Paterson, Edgar Wallace Exchange, Robert J Hunter, Archie Sylvester and Cosmik Debris. 


In 2017 we released Spiritual Records Live No.1, a live compilation featuring ten of our favourite artists. In January 2018 Spiritual Records Live No.2 came out featuring another ten artists..


The Future


We have built a strong musical community where we write music together, and contribute to each others recordings. Running the bar in Camden Town, recording videos, and especially producing quality records is what we love. Long will it continue…..

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